School Lockdown – What to Do in Lockdown

“There’s nothing worse than being in a classroom of kids who don’t want to do homework!” That’s what I hear from parents who have their children in a high school or elementary school that has a lock-in policy. Unfortunately, many jurisdictions still require that children be enrolled in school during the day, and some jurisdictions require that children be brought home before they can start attending classes at night. So, what is the best think to do in lockdown?

First, you have to think about your child. If it’s safe to go back to school, it’s best to go back to school. But it can be a challenge to get your child interested in doing homework during the lock-in. Forcing them to do it will only make them dread school, which will likely convince them to do nothing. In their mind, it will seem like more homework is needed.

The same goes for going home. Children need to feel like they have a reason to be there. Don’t assume that they want to go watch a movie with friends, or go to visit their friends’ houses. It’s best to let them figure out an activity on their own. You may have to get involved, but remember that this is a time for learning, not playing.

Another tip is to think about other students in the class. If you’re worried about your child, there are probably other children in the same predicament. Encourage your child to talk to other children about their activities.

You also need to make sure that you are engaged with your children. Teach them about being positive. Remember that kids learn best by imitation. If you take a positive attitude when you are around your children, then they will be likely to take a similar attitude as well.

Try to spend some time with your children outside of school. This gives them a chance to explore their surroundings. You may also find it refreshing to go for a walk in a different park or in the woods. Think about what they would enjoy for fun. Sometimes just spending some quality time with your child outdoors will give them a nice feeling and they may forget how tense their school can get during this period of time.

You should also make it known to the teacher that you will be keeping an eye out for trouble. Make it known that you will be watching them. You don’t have to do anything drastic; just make it known that you will be watching. This way, the teacher will be less worried about things falling through the cracks.

Do your best to create an atmosphere of calmness in your classroom. Use calming music and other peaceful background sound to help your children feel more at ease. It is important for parents to step in as much as possible when these problems arise. The teacher will be looking to pay the most attention to your child. If you allow him or her to focus solely on those students, then the entire class will benefit. This is especially true when a teacher is dealing with children who are extremely shy around others.

Be sure to check in with your children throughout the day. Most children like to go to school, but some don’t. When you have an understanding parent in charge of the facility, then you may find that all of your children are able to go. However, it never hurts to check in on them periodically. Doing so will let you know if something is amiss.

Try to stay updated with your children’s friends and other activities. You need to know what they are up to and you can do this by checking into the local newspaper. You may find that the school is having a fair. While you are there, ask the principal what they are doing with the kids and try to find out who they are hanging out with. Some kids will only hang out with friends they know and you need to think about that before allowing them to hang out with a group of strangers you don’t know.

While you are at the school, consider asking to speak with the principal of the school as well. They may be glad for the chance to get involved and they will be able to help you with any problems you are having at home. Take care of yourself and your children while you are there. This is the best way to make the most of your time while you are at the school.

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