A Brief Review Of The Poco C3 With Helio G35 Cameras

Xiaomi Poco C3 Review – An Unbiased Review of the Best Cheap smartphones in India! Xiaomi is definitely a leading smartphone brand that caters to a mass market for cheap phones. They are extremely popular as they are the cheapest available smartphones in the market. With their attractive user interface and advanced technology, it is no surprise that most people prefer them. Poco also impresses its users with their great functionality and durable design.

Recently, Poco has been sailing along at the mid-range category and today, major manufactures are releasing their cheapest smartphones in India. The Miui POCO C3 reviewed here comes under the mid-budget category and is built by Miui, a well known Miyao Group firm. It has an impressive camera and comes with a huge 5,000a battery to boost performance. Watch out, this one has it all!

The beautifully designed mini C3 camera module is tucked behind the stylish 5.5 inch Super AMOLED screen that houses a powerful dual 12 mega pixels camera along with a two-megapixel resolution image sensor. The front LED lights make this smartphone stand out from the crowd. The phone comes complete with a charging kit, a micro USB cable, a data card, a speaker and earphone jacks as well. At a price of Rs 13,500, the POCO C3 review reckons this one out as the ideal device for professional photographers and other professionals who need a smartphone with everything to work smoothly.

The Miui C3 review sees that this handset is not just about the picture taking features, but also about its user interface and convenience. The intuitive home screen offers you a one-point click to switch to your favorite modes, allowing you to get right to work on your projects without having to go through the usual menus. The control panel consists of a clock, dial, media player and volume controls, with an additional highlight feature that enables you to highlight your favorite tasks with a customizable light. In addition, the Mini C3 allows users to synchronize their data through their computers or their smartphones thanks to a data cable that doubles up as a data charger.

The Helio G35 review also notes that the Miui C3 has the functionality that matches the highest standards of high end smartphones available in the market currently. With a robust processing power and 3G processor, it is no surprise that this smartphone can effortlessly multitask like no other. The Miui C3 review also points out that the device runs on the highly efficient and reliable Android operating system, which is also present in the Poco C3 model. Android apps are highly compatible with this handset and run flawlessly. Users can experience a seamless browsing experience, with zero lag time even while multitasking.

The Miui C3 review goes on to note that the device’s multi-orientation capability, namely tap, swipe and pinch allow it to be used as a tap and go smart phone. This is possible thanks to its Secure Recovery mode, which acts as a virtual unlocking mechanism for the device. Users have the freedom to choose between portrait mode or landscape mode, as per their preference. In addition, the Mini-C3 can be used as a simple camera with the help of its 16 MP camera, which is equivalent to the high end specs offered by the Helio G35.

It is interesting to note that this smartphone comes with two different bodies, one being the standard size and another being the larger one that has additional battery and data ports. The battery life of the device is supposed to be long enough to enable users to make up for lost time using the multi-orientation gestures. The camera body of the device has been made to accommodate the front, back and fingerprint sensors, all of which work flawlessly with the Miui C3 review. Apart from the regular home button, the front and rear cameras are also touch sensitive. The front and rear cameras of the Poco C3 review has been completed to have an excellent picture taking performance, despite the lack of OIS (optical image processing technology). However, the video recording feature is substandard.

The battery life of the device is not impressive, though it lasts for a good amount of time. The video capture feature of the Poco C3 review concludes with a recommendation that users should buy the smartphone if they want to keep pace with the latest trends in smartphones. However, there are better phones such as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, Nokia E71, or the iPhone 6 that could serve as a replacement to the device. All in all, this is an excellent smartphone that offers a lot of value for its asking price, especially considering that most of its features can be found in cheaper handsets.

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