The Realme Watch Review – A Review of an Affordable Fitness Tracker

The Realme Watch line by Swiss manufacturer Emporio Armani is definitely not your run-of-the-mill watches that you see on the wrist or worn around your neck. No, this stylish timepiece by the Italian designer is something different. It looks like an accessory, not an accessory. However, if you want to wear something stylish yet sporty, this is definitely one of your best options.

What sets the Realme Watch apart from other watches is its innovative and extremely unique design. The Emporio Armani Watch has its looks from the famed Italian fashion house – and you can’t find a more famous name than this. The Cupertino brand’s clever wearable did set the standard for the ultimate smartwatch in the industry with its innovative technology, and now it’s only natural for others to add a similar style in the more affordable price range. So what makes the Realme Stand Out? Let’s take a look at some of the features and technologies that set this smartwatch apart from its competitors:

Heart Rate Monitor Technology – Emporio Armani has several heart rate monitor and fitness trackers already in its stable, but the Realme brings a few more additions to the mix. The Realme watch also integrates with the popular Spo ii Watch app, which will keep you informed about your workout status. This fitness tracking program comes pre-loaded with many advanced functions such as calorie burning calculators, distance monitoring, speed limit alerts, lap split timer, and more. The Realme watch can also synchronize with your iPhone via the App, so you’ll never miss a beat when you’re out working out. The Realme will also sync with your MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you’ll always have the latest information on the go.

Advanced Sensors – The heart rate monitor mentioned earlier is just the beginning of Realme’s sensors. Other techy features include GPS, touch screen interface, and sleep tracking. The GPS is designed to work with Realme’s companion app called Spritz, which also tracks your walking, biking, and running stats. If you’re not fond of turning your wrists like a runner or a basketball player, you’ll appreciate the touch screen interface. This smartwatch’s GPS functionality can be activated with one touch and will continually track your location wherever you are, as long as your iPhone is within range.

Activity Tracking – Perhaps the most important feature of Realme is the in-built heart rate monitoring system. In fact, the heart rate monitor is the most basic feature of the Realme watch but don’t let that fool you. Realme watches offer the most accurate activity tracking, while also offering more subtle data that is presented in real time. For example, if you are running, you’ll know just how many calories you are burning at any given moment thanks to Spritz’s interactive smart notifications. And because Realme uses the GPS technology, you can also know if you ran longer or shorter than usual.

Connectivity – Spritz does offer some basic connectivity options for iPhone users but what about those who don’t own iPhones? Luckily, Realme has found an iPhone compatible smartwatch called the Flyer. The Flyer watch faces and interacts with your iPhone via the Apple iPhone Connector, making it easy to get access to real time information on your Realme watch. From here, you can view your workout stats from your iPhone’s home screen, as well as receive push notifications whenever new workouts or activities are added to your program.

Price Point – While we’re on the topic of price, let me bring you this Realme watch review from a different angle: value. If you want to get in on the Fitbit and Garmin smartwatch race, but aren’t willing to pay the high end price tag, there is a great alternative right out of left field: the Fitbit Reebok Simpli Flo+. Fitbit and Garmin have been successful with their very similar fitness trackers, and the Simpli Flo+ gives them the same features for a much more affordable price. In fact, the Flo+ doesn’t even cost nearly as much as the Fitbit, making it a great value in an already crowded market. If you need an easy to use, affordable, highly accurate fitness tracking tool, the Simpli Flo+ should be a serious consideration.

As you can see, the Realme smartwatch offers an excellent combination of features and a very affordable price point. These factors, combined with the fact that it connects to your iPhone via the Apple iPhone Connector make the Realme a perfect choice for fitness trackers, even for those who aren’t running or exercising. You can also get high precision GPS with the unit, which can really come in handy if you’re outdoors and need that extra bit of assistance for outdoor activities. Even if you’re not out in nature, the GPS feature makes it easy to find your way no matter where you are, since the directions will appear on your iPhone screen.

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