Preventing Acne Breakouts

How does proper cleansing help prevent breakouts?

There are many elements of your skin care routine that can help prevent acne breakouts. First off, keeping your face well-cleaned will help in removing excess oil and dead cells from the surface of your skin. It’s best to use warm water rather than hot, since hot water can cause your skin to lose the moisture it’s taking in.

Use a mild soap to clean your face without irritating it. Using bar soaps with deodorants or fragrances can cause inflammation. Don’t scrub too hard when you wash – instead, wash more gently, with a soft cloth or your hands. Rinse very well and pat your face dry, rather than rubbing it.

Moisturize your skin to keep it healthy and well-hydrated.

If you use topical products for your acne, they are often drying to your skin. Use a moisturizer to keep your peeling and dryness to a minimum. A moisturizer will help in hydrating your skin and keeping it healthy. Gel products work well for oily skin, while your dry skin may respond better to a lotion or cream.

Select an acne product that is effective without irritating your skin.

Topical acne products usually contain benzoyl peroxide, which dries the skin and provides an antibacterial treatment. If your skin is too sensitive for benzoyl peroxide, choose one of the best acne treatments that contains salicylic acid, instead. Both of these ingredients help in sloughing off those dead skin cells. Try new products out in small amounts at first, until you can see how your skin reacts to them.

Protecting your skin and avoiding the sun are helpful habits.

Stay out of the sun whenever you can, since its UV rays may increase redness and inflammation. Your skin may also be more sensitive to sunlight due to some of the acne products you use. Always use a sunscreen if you’re going outside, even for just a little while. SPF 15 is the minimum you will want to use, and many dermatologists recommend higher SPF values for people with acne. One of the best products out there, Exposed Acne Treament contains all these ingredients. Here is a great exposed acne treatment review you can check out for more information.

Using less makeup can help prevent breakouts.

When your goal is avoiding breakouts, use makeup only sparingly. Avoid using blush, powder or foundation if you do have a breakout. If you need to wear makeup, be sure that you thoroughly clean your face in the evening. Cosmetics that are oil-free will not have as much of an impact on your acne. Cosmetics that are water-based are good choices, if you must wear makeup.

Eating right keeps your skin healthy.

Although it’s now a de-bunked myth that chocolate causes breakouts, it still makes sense to eat healthy foods. Stay away from fast food and junk food. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and add whole grains into your diet. Foods high in beta-carotene and vitamin A may help to boost the health of your skin.

Getting regular exercise helps your facial skin as well as your body.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and exercise will help it stay healthier. A good workout will increase your circulation and reduce stress. Don’t wear clothing that will rub on your skin, to avoid irritation. Ball caps and the like can cause more sweating, so it’s better to go without head coverings, unless you’re outside. Be sure to shower as soon as you’re done exercising, to remove sweat and oils that could irritate your skin and cause a breakout.

Struggling with Scars?

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