1. The pursuit of happyness

Recounting the undying spirit of perseverance against all odds, “The Pursuit of Happyness” paints the arduous journey of Chris Gardner – the central character of the film. As the movie summary unfolds, we find Chris as a struggling salesman who battles homelessness while caring for his son – a singular testament to fatherhood. Overcoming every obstacle with determination and tireless devotion, his pursuit of happiness is the heart’s cry for survival against adversities. A character not just a father but a beacon of hope, Chris Gardner’s narrative is not just dramatic but inspiring; a reminder that happiness is not a destination but a journey.

2. Tom Hanks is Forest Gump

Splicing the very fabric of cinematic brilliance and emotional depth, “Forest Gump” showcases legendary Tom Hanks’ acting prowess. The movie summary elucidates a tale of the life of Forest Gump, a character of unassuming innocence. Hanks adorns the character with an unconventional charm; naive, yet incisively profound, shedding the light of compassion and faith against the backdrop of a chaotic world.

Forest Gump, born with intellectual impairment, guides us through years of American history, from the Vietnam War to the Watergate scandal. His untainted perspective is a mirror, revealing the unsullied truth of humanity. The character’s emotional journey oscillates between his undying love for childhood sweetheart Jenny and his dedicated friendship with war comrade Lt. Dan. Tom Hanks evokes pathos through his seamless enactment of Forest Gump, a man whose intelligence might be limited, but whose capacity for empathy knows no bounds.

Inevitably, “Forest Gump” seizes one’s senses, stirring a silent applause for the character’s astounding simplicity. We are left to marvel at the paradox of life, how a man with perceived limitations could live a life so extraordinarily. The movie runs us through a gamut of emotions, affirming that the world is indeed like a box of chocolates- unpredictable, yet always offering moments of sweetness. Seamlessly alternating between comedic relief and societal commentary, this beloved American classic is undeniably deserved of its standing ovation.

3. Dunkirk

“Dunkirk,” directed by Christopher Nolan, is an epic World War II movie that beautifully captures the spirit of resilience. The movie summary paints a picture of an intense and desperate evacuation mission.

“Dunkirk” is not a narrative-driven film with character arcs and development; rather, it revolves around the experience and the event. The title of the movie refers to Dunkirk, a beach in France where several soldiers from Britain, Belgium, Canada, and France were trapped by the German army during the early stages of World War II.

The movie splits into three perspectives: land, sea, and air. On land, we follow a young British private named Tommy, played by Fionn Whitehead. His character, like others, does not have a backstory or personal dilemmas, keeping the focus on the urgency of the situation.

On sea, Mark Rylance takes the helm as Mr. Dawson, a patriotic civilian sailing his small yacht to rescue the stranded soldiers. While his character plunges into danger out of duty, his son and a teenage helper show both fear and courage.

In the air, Tom Hardy plays a Royal Air Force pilot combating enemy planes. His character’s ability to recognise humanity amidst war presents a moving spectacle.

“Dunkirk” is a nail-biting survival film that provides an experience rather than a typical war movie storyline. The real character in the film is not one individual, but the collective spirit of those involved in the event – their fear, hope, determination, and sacrifice. The movie doesn’t glorify war; it highlights the human instinct for survival and the immense capacity of individuals to endure and preserve. The soldiers embarked on an infamous retreat, but the bravery, tenacity, and survival they exhibited made this a memorable episode of ‘victory in defeat’.

4. The Green Mile

Revolving around themes of compassion and redemption, “The Green Mile” narrates a compelling and emotionally stirring tale. The movie summary details a death row corrections officer during the U.S. Great Depression, Paul Edgecomb, played by the fantastic Tom Hanks, who happens upon an unusual character, John Coffey, acted by the late Michael Clarke Duncan. Powerfully gripping audiences, Coffey is a inmate sentenced for dual murder, but exhibits an extraordinary gift. The movie is lonely and atmospheric, dramatic and captivating, leaving audiences immersed in sentiments of empathy, horror, and compassion. Tragic, yet uplifting, “The Green Mile” is a beautiful tapestry weaved with memorable instances, delivered by a diverse set of characters, each adding depth to the riveting narrative.

5. The Theory of everything

“The Theory of Everything,” a cinematic masterpiece that delves into the life of renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, floors its audience with its bittersweet narrative that unfolds as both an astounding revelation of secrets behind the universe and a poignant love story. The movie summary entails the breathtaking journey of Hawking through his academic brilliance, his tragic diagnosis of motor neurone disease, and the undying support of his wife, Jane Wilde.

Central to the movie’s emotional heart is the character of Stephen Hawking, compellingly portrayed by Eddie Redmayne. A figure whose genius and audacity defy his deteriorating physical health, his character intricately embodies the triumph of will and intellect over adversity. Jane, played exquisitely by Felicity Jones, stands as an emblem of endurance and unwavering love, her character supplements the narrative’s depth by radiating strength and love in challenging circumstances.

The portrayal of the characters collectively illustrate that ‘everything’ – love, life, and even the universe – boils down to much complex and profound ‘theories.’ The tale of resilience, progress, breakthroughs, and love, “The Theory of Everything,” weaves ‘drama’ into the expansive fabric of the universe, lending a ‘human’ essence to the remote mysteries of cosmos.

6. Steve Jobs The man in the machine

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